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Friday, November 2, 2012

decorations, spiders, and the sea

I've never really decorated my house before, unless you count wrapping some silver tinsel around my dorm room as decorating. Which I do not. Last year, it seemed pointless to decorate since Sam and I were spending Christmas in Paris with my family. Besides, when your entire flat is literally just one room, there's not much to decorate.

Well! This year we are also spending Christmas with family. But still...the other day I saw all the glittery, cozy looking Christmas displays (they REALLY start Christmas stuff early in England, since no me really cares about Halloween and Thanksgiving doesn't exist) and I wondered if maybe I should decorate this year, after all. I mean, if I did it now, I'd totally get my money's worth.

In other news, I found my first house spider in the bathroom last night. I really, really hate them. Now I never want to go in there again.

At least it is a lovely, drizzly day today. The best part about this town is living by the sea. It never gets old to watch the water in all different kinds of weather. Stormy days are the best, obviously.


The sea! Even the pier looks nice at the end, when you can't see the arcades and restaurants.

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