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Friday, December 21, 2012

our neighbors

Today is cold, cold enough that everything feels festive. Okay though, I feel like everything I've written lately has been about Christmas, so even though it's so close, today can be something different. In other words...here is a totally boring story.

So last weekend, my husband and I found ourselves locked out of our flat. We both had our keys, but neither set worked...the lock just wouldn't turn. After a few minutes of contemplating breaking a window, we decided instead to try to wake up our neighbors. They share an entry-way with us, so they could easily let us into the building, since it was that door that wouldn't open.

We were slightly worried, because our neighbors don't really like us. They once closed their door when they realized we were standing in the entry-way, rather then having to say a quick hello. See, awkward. So...yes, waking them up (it was only 11!) by ringing their bell was certainly uncomfortable. For all of us. And then having too do it again, on Sunday, because the locksmith couldn't come fix our door until Monday, was awkward, too.

Anyway. Our door is fixed now. But we're still not for friendly with our neighbors. The end.

Oh, don't mind the random pictures, they're unrelated to anything I wrote. I just like pictures.

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  1. lol!

    I'm all too familiar with neighbors that don't like me. Mainly because of my mischievous dog.