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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Social

I am so excited for Christmas! It is my favorite holiday, and this year, my husband and I can start our own traditions.

Our first married Christmas, in Paris last year

Favorite holiday movie: probably either Elf or Love Actually. Both are on my must-watch list every year.

Do you do any volunteering during the holidays? No, buy I really should. In the past, in have for Thanksgiving. This year, we are putting together boxes for children in need, actually, so I guess that counts.

Favorite toy received as a child: oh, it is hard to remember. I remember being thrilled to get this huge brown stuffed animal bear from my grandfather one year. Partly because he picked it out himself which he never does, and partly because I loved stuffed animals.

What was your must-have item during the holidays in high school? Probably my phone. I used to die not being able to talk to my friends every day. I would call my best friend up on Christmas to talk about our gifts and crazy families.

Item most begged for and never got: I actually hate asking for things, so I can't think of anything here. Maybe a pony? Haha.

What do you do on Christmas eve? Well, my family has a ton of traditions that I would like to force on me and Sam. These include eating corn chowder and bread sticks for dinner, telling Christmas stories, acting out the nativity, and opening presents. Oh, and as pinata. Because obviously.

What are your favorite holidays traditions?


  1. found you via Sunday Social! where did the eating corn chowder and bread sticks come about as a tradition? that sounds so random to me :D for christmas eve I go to my husbands familys house and play white elephant and try to eat all the salmon sashimi without anyone noticing...

  2. Yay to starting your own traditions!! Now that my boyfriend and I are living together, I am looking forward to starting our own traditions!!

  3. Yay... start your own traditions! I'm your newest follower and was hoping that you'd pop on by and follow me back! ;-)


  4. Aww... love this. Hope y'all have a great holiday!

    xo, Emily