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Thursday, January 3, 2013

on dating without leaving the house

Since my husband is 'working' right now (except not getting paid), he is gone from about 7-7 every day. He is also pretty tired when he gets home, so when I suggest we go on a walk, he's not too enthusiastic. (Plus, January is cold! Like, freezing. I can kind of understand his point.) But going for walks is my go-to faux date idea. You know, not a real date, but time spent together when we're talking and holding hands and not just playing on the computer or reading.

So anyway...what are fun date ideas for when you have no money? Any suggestions?

Tonight we played Boggle, one of his favorite games. But you can only play so many rounds....or fine, I can only play so many rounds...before it's not really fun anymore. Lately we've been reading Anna Karenina together, because I love it and think he might like it. I recommend reading out loud together in a marriage. It is fun and then you have a book to talk about together! Win-win.

(Sometimes we take pictures, but my husband loses interest in this pretty quickly...except obviously this wasn't taken at home. This is somewhere in the south of France, last August.) 


  1. Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop. Cute blog, I can't wait to read more!
    -Melanie@ meandmr.com

  2. My hubby and I like to take dates to the local bookstore. We only bring enough money to buy a couple of coffees and that's it. We find some good books and comfy chairs and hang out together for a few hours.

    We also love card games (uno and skipbo) and now that we have kids - we love family movie nights with popcorn

    Loved this post

  3. Hey I found you on the Aloha Blog Hop! I wrote an Examiner article about cheap Valentine's dates, but it can be adapted:

    Also, I like to do a nice picnic in the living room thing with a theme, like Mediterranean night. I'll be subscribing to your blog. Feel free to check out mine: penpaperpad.com.