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Thursday, March 21, 2013


This is the city we last visited for our honeymoon, so I guess it's a special place for us. I still have to admit that I prefer London. But NYC is still a pretty awesome place, especially for quick visits. So after a somewhat disastrous trip (Amtrak is kind-of a joke; our train was cancelled and we ended up buying a bus ticket for a bus 30 minutes later) we arrived at Port Authority and got to spend some time eating pizza and visiting the NY public library. (I apparently really like libraries, especially as tourist destinations.)

We did some other fun things, too, like visit Rockefeller center and lots of people watching and also were freezing, We even foot some snow, proving that it isn't quite spring just yet. Maybe soon? 

Oh, and bonus: I completed one of my goals for March and finally donated my hair. It's pretty short now. 

See before:

And after: 

How is your March going? 

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