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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

oh, america

My husband and I landed in Boston on Sunday afternoon, and we've been enjoying many things about our little trip to the US. It's the first time we've been back in 19 months, and it's kinda nice to be here where houses and yards and cars are so big. People have a lot of space.

But actually, up first on today's agenda is a (hopefully) quick trip too the DMV to get my husband's license renewed. One of his friends also needs a new one, so we convinced him to accompany us. Is there a better way to spend a Tuesday? Add in pizza for lunch and I'm pretty excited. OK, fine, only about the pizza. I hate going to the DMV.

And other may still be snow on the ground here, but England got enough snow that schools were closed today, so I guess we keep missing snowstorms. It actually is a very good thing, because my husband can't miss too many classes, but his university closed today. So no classes missed yet! And that is very good news for a Tuesday.

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