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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Well, I thought I had made it through the winter without getting sick, but apparently I didn't give it enough time. I hate being sick, and it adds an extra little layer of stress to our journey on Sunday. I've been putting off my to-do list for days now, but I finally had to give in and tackle it. Being an adult means realizing nobody else is going to do those things for you, sad as that is. So anyway...I may be coughing up a storm, but at least our documents are all ready to go, laundry is done, and all we need to do is pack. But speaking of coughing, I am very sorry to all my future airplane co-passengers, but I'm flying no matter what...sorry if I infect you all.

Oh and today is world book day! Check out the website for a cool online festival, or just go read a book to celebrate. 'Cause it is fun.


  1. oh shoot, sorry, being sick and traveling sucks!
    if ya have time before ya jet outta town i'd love to invite ya to come over and link up with us for the aloha friday blog hop! it's up now. :)
    safe travels rachel.