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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


When my mom and my sister came to visit, we took a small trip around to a few places we've all been wanting to see.  I've visited Oxford before, but my mom really wanted to see it.  We got up early on Monday morning and drove straight there.  It was the first day of July and much colder than they'd expected (even though I warned them) but the day was actually pretty nice and sunny.

We took ourselves on a self-guided walking tour first, and stopped on the grounds by Christ's Church College to eat the lunch we'd brought.  Oxford is a really beautiful place, and the college gardens were gorgeous and so well cared for.  

My mom really loves William Morris, so when she saw at the Visitor's Centre that they were doing a William Morris and Oxford tour, she was thrilled.  That's what we did in the afternoon; wander around Oxford learning about Pre-Raphaelites and William Morris and their various connections to Oxford.  It meant we got to go into quite a few random colleges and see things like this: 

I do like William Morris quite a bit, for the most part, so it was definitely an interesting take on the usual Oxford tour stuff.  I recommend it.  I also took real pictures, like with an actual camera instead of my phone, but I'm apparently not capable of taking them off my camera and putting them onto my phone.  It's sad. 

So, that was a month ago.  Today was cold and rainy and pretty much perfect weather.  Too much sun gets tiring, even in July. 

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