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Saturday, February 15, 2014


While all our family in the US deals with piles of snow, and freezing days at home, we're dealing with wind so strong it knocks you over when you leave the house, and icy rain that seems to never stop.  Today, for once, the sun is out and the sky is blue, but we've given up expecting that to last.  We're lucky, and not dealing with any flooding or dangerous things, but still.  There's something depressing about a cold, wet winter that doesn't involve any snow.  We had plans for some time together yesterday, maybe browsing some stores and going to a restaurant after Sam finished his classes, but after getting soaked in the morning, it didn't seem like fun anymore to leave the house.  We stayed inside instead, wearing lots of layers and eating Indian food.  Sort of perfect, really. 

We ordered presents that haven't arrived yet, so now there's something to look forward to next week.  (Books, of course.)  Sam is done with classes at the moment, and just needs to work on his presentation, that he'll give a week from Monday.  In two weeks he starts his final placement, which I keep repeating because I can't quite believe it.  I feel like he was just starting this course, just a few weeks ago heading out for his very first placement, but here we are at the end.  (Almost.)  These quiet weekends with all our time just for us won't last, so it's really wonderful, enjoying them while we can. 

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