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Thursday, March 13, 2014

little things

Lots of little things lately have added up.  The weather is still beautiful, with cold nights and sunny days.  It's not too hot, though, which is why March is lovely.  You can enjoy flowers and sun and still wear cardigans.  Sam said yesterday that he thinks the English talk about the weather incessantly.  "Everyone brings it up constantly, and we have the same conversations over and over again: yes, it's raining; I thought it might be sunny; yes, I got soaked on my way in etc"... and he's right.  But somehow I find myself talking about it all the time, too. 

We've been missing London lately, too.  Museums and buses that run all the time and being surrounded by people.  All those plays and parks and long walks.  It's expensive, yes, but living there was wonderful.  Instead we're by the seaside and the downs, which definitely has its advantages.  Maybe nothing is better than salty sea air and the sound of waves.   

Sam is on his placement, and we're starting to worry about finding jobs next year.  Oh, job hunting.  Is there anything more soul-sucking?  Writing out hundreds of CVs and cover letters and emailing them in, never to hear back.  So there's all that to look forward to, assuming the next few months go as planned.  Plus I am already dreading having to move again.  I really despise it.   We'll have to sell our furniture, but will probably end up giving most of it away, and then we'll need to buy new furniture in a new place.  But that is months and months away, so for now, it is March, and the sun is shining, and I get to go off to France soon. 

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