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Sunday, October 19, 2014


This week brought a lot of change. Sam found out he passed his dissertation and then started work. I got used to being home alone with Oliver and my mom used time she took off of work months ago (we just passed my due date) to hang out with us. We tried twice to go to the DeCordova museum, but once it was closed (so we got to walk around the grounds for free) and the second time the museum was closed for installation, as we found out after paying the entrance fee. (The woman reimbursed us when we said we'd just visited the grounds the day before, so that was nice.) We went on walks, enjoyed some rain, had humid hot days that are not at all October appropriate, visited the cardiologist for Oliver's heart defects (he will be mostly fine, she thinks), didn't get nearly enough sleep, changed a million diapers, and read several board books to a three-week-old who had nointerest so we felt a bit sheepish (but did it anyway, because this boy is going to love books, he really is). I did lots of nursing and book reading of my own.

Now we are going to spend today with Sam's family. His new work schedule has him working Saturdays and taking Sunday and Monday off, so our weekend is just starting.


  1. Congratulations to Sam on passing his dissertation. I'm glad to hear that the cardiologist appointment went well. Reading to tiny babies seems a bit weird, doesn't it. Soon he'll be chewing on them and flipping pages himeself. :-) Have a great week. #TWTWC

  2. Congratulations to Sam!! Great news :)

    It sounds like you've had a lovely time with your mum and you're taking to Motherhood like a pro!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx