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Sunday, October 12, 2014

our week

Time with a newborn is a bit strange, I have to say, so keeping track of our weeks is slightly difficult. Everyone says repeatedly how quickly the newborn stage passes, so I am doing my best to enjoy it all and to remember that nothing lasts. It makes the nursing every few hours a bit easier to bear at 2 in the morning.

Oliver and I had a good week, through.  I am covered in spit up and jealous of everyone who gets to sleep normally, but Oliver is so cute, with his squeaky newborn sounds and tiny nails and funny faces, that I don't seem to care that much. Tuesday I went to the doctor and was really pleased with how my blood pressure is doing post-pregnancy, so my medication was lowered again. I left Oliver at home with Sam for my appointment and by the time I arrived back, Oliver was screaming to be fed. It's nice to be needed but we may need to invest in some bottles.

On Wedneaday, we went on a walk because we have a stroller now (bought over the weekend) and it was a gorgeous sunny day. A bit too warm for early October, but beautiful all the same. The leaves here are so bright and colorful. I love fall because it is birthday season (I'm 26 now) and because the chilly nights and falling leaves and pumpkins everywhere are so cozy and warm and fill me with nostalgia for the autumns of my childhood. The smell of wet leaves after all the rain we've had particularly brings back memories of all the hours we spent raking up leaves when I was growing up.

Thursday I took Oliver to the pediatrician for his two week checkup.  I was really pleased to learn that he'd put on 12 ounces since our last visit, which is a pretty good amount. On Friday I went to the doctor (again) and was taken off my medication completely. Then we  went and visited Sam's parents, who wanted to see Oliver.

Today I took Oliver on another long walk, enjoying the neighborhood farmer's market and perfect weather. This afternoon we have plans to put up Halloween decorations. It is Oliver's very first holiday celebration, after all, which I'm sure he cares deeply about.


  1. Such gorgeous photos, My sons called Oliver too he is now 20 months! time really does go so fast.. make sure to take loads of videos of him, thats something I regret not doing enough of! Hope you have a great week Becky xx

  2. Aww, such lovely photos. Oliver is adorable - and I know you hear it all the time, but that newborn stage does go fast. Pretty soon, you'll realise you have a near-toddler on your hands *sob* - sorry, I'm projecting. :-) Your pictures of autumn leaves are gorgeous - autumn is my favourite season as well (it's birthday season for me too!) #TWTWC

  3. Aww he is just so cute! You live in a beautiful place, I love the pictures. I am glad he is doing well and putting on weight. Thanks for linking to #TWTWC x

  4. Oh my gosh! Oliver is ADORABLE! My broodiness just leapt up a few levels! Enjoy this time :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx