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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

the many faces of oliver

Oliver has the most expressive face of any baby I've ever seen. I think it's his eyebrows, which are always popping up and making him look quizzical or skeptical. Of course, the second the camera comes out, his face becomes one blank slate as he stares at the contraption in confusion. He's definitely a people-loving baby, because make eye contact with him and you're basically guaranteed a smile or hearty baby chuckle. He's just so cute and cheerful. What did we do before he was around?

He always wakes up cooing and laughing. He laughs and laughs when you startle him, and then abruptly grows serious when the game gets boring. I can't wait to introduce him to so many things I think he'll love - like swimming and swinging and eating real food. Who knew babies had so much personality? He's just the best.

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