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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

mother's day

Oh, what?  It's almost Father's Day?  Oops.  But mother's day was really fun, so let's just pretend it wasn't like a month ago.  And by 'really fun' I mean, it was just a normal day, pretty much.  Sam played with Oliver when he woke up at 7 so I got to sleep in, and then after church my sister took some family pictures of us.  Basically our first!  Sam and I tried to take one in the hospital after Oliver was born.  Just one, that's all I wanted, but that was definitely too much to ask.  Picture taking is always a stressful thing in our very non-photogenic family, but my sister did a great job, and we ended up with some pictures that I love.  I even got some printed out, so I'm counting it as a mother's day win.

May was hot and humid for us, so we took these pictures in my parent's backyard in the evening, and we hit a sweet spot while spring things were in bloom and it didn't look too much like a jungle outside (as it sort of does now).  Oliver was drooling on his overalls, I didn't really know what to wear, and I got annoyed with Sam at one point, but still, at least we have a family picture I like now.

Having a baby is definitely one of the best things I've ever done.  Oliver might be a sort of terrible sleeper sometimes, but other than that he the best baby in the world.  He is so cheerful and cute and eager to explore everything.  I love the way he grabs our hands and sets off in various directions, like nothing could be more thrilling than finally discovering what is hidden under the piano or behind that one armchair.  He isn't the cuddliest baby, so I love those rare moments when he puts his head down on my shoulder (sometimes just to give it an experimental suck, but I'll take it) or grabs my face in his hands and tries to eat my chin. I can't wait for all the years to come, and to see him turn even more into a little boy (but that's all, no getting TOO old, Oliver).

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