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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

five things

top: July 4th, trying on a sunhat we had no need for
bottom: laughing at my sister, proud of his walking ability 

1. Oliver is getting his first tooth!  I was a little surprised when I first noticed last week, because I figured he'd be as late as I was with teeth.  I didn't get my first tooth until I was about 14 months old, but I guess Oliver likes to speed things along more than me.  It's still barely there, and hard to see except when he is shrieking or laughing, but it's another step away from babyhood and towards toddler-hood.  I don't think he had much teething pain for this one tooth (considering that I didn't even notice it come in...) His sleep was a bit disrupted the week before I noticed it, but I blamed the fact that we were house-sitting, so his routine/schedule was changed a little.

2.  It is so hot this week.  All I want to do is lie in front of a fan.  Unfortunately Oliver is still addicted to spending his entire day walking from room to room to explore, so he's not very sympathetic to my wishes.  Over the weekend, he started to use his walker for the first time like it's really supposed to be used!  I bought it second-hand, but was starting to think it was a basically pointless purchase, because he'd always turn around and grab for our hands when we tried to show him how to use it.  But now he can walk with it and seems to enjoy himself, although since he can't really steer it, he still prefers using our hands and dragging us around.

3. I'm still at a loss for how to feed him.  He hates being fed by me (or anyone else) and I have this problem where I give him food he can easily eat when he first sits down in his highchair (like peas or corn or Cheerios) and then if I do offer him something I've cooked, he's no longer very hungry.  I need to look into baby-friendly easy meals I guess.  He mostly eats toast (with peanut butter, avocado or hummus on it), broccoli, peas, corn, Cheerios (or any puffs or cereal), bananas, watermelon, cut up grapes or really any fruit.  He will happily eat all these things, but they aren't exactly meals.  I've given him eggs, pasta, pancakes, rice and stir fry, etc... he'll sometimes eat a few bites or play with it, but he's not always interested.

4.  We celebrated the fourth of July by going to the beach.  It was cold and grey (and rainy, by the end of the day) so despite my extensive bathing suit and sunscreen and protective clothing preparation, we all stayed basically wrapped up.  I went into the water with Oliver, but if any (freezing) water touched him, he screamed.  He was pretty clingy all day, not wanting to be put down even to sit and play in the sand - something I was sure he would love.  Maybe next time.  He did enjoy walking around on the sand, and had a lot of fun eating cherries and watermelon and bread while we had a delicious picnic lunch.  The beach had a playground and shaded picnic tables, which made up for the mostly ugly rockiness of it (the pebbles hurt your feet when you stood in the water - it was like being back in Eastbourne).  It made me a little sad, because if we'd stayed in England, we'd go for daily beach walks and enjoy the beautiful views of white cliffs and rocky shorelines, but oh well... Summer here is much hotter, more humid, and one of these days we'll get ourselves to a gorgeous sandy beach and I'm sure Oliver will love it. At least no one got sunburned on Saturday.

5.  At Oliver's nine month appointment the other week, he was weighed and then measured twice, because the first time it appeared he had not grown one inch since his six month appointment.  I was not hugely worried over this, as I've noticed him growing out of clothes, but a second measurement showed he'd grown around two inches in the last few months.  He's still pretty short (I think they found him at 28 inches) and I've noticed that other babies seem to have the longest legs...poor Oliver and his terrible genes.  Maybe he'll have a growth spurt eventually, but either way, I love every appointment that goes pretty quickly because it confirms that he's still healthy.

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