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Sunday, August 30, 2015

end of summer

I know that the end of August isn't actually the end of summer, but it feels like it.  This week wasn't nearly as fun as our visit to Cape Cod, and mostly it was a little sad, as we said goodbye to my sister and realized that August is somehow already almost over.  I swear it just started.

On Monday, I went with my brother and sister into Boston to meet up with my aunt and cousins and have dim sum.  It was delicious, of course, and we had a lot of fun, even when a waitress stopped and scolded me for letting Oliver chew on a chop stick.  She kept miming him stabbing himself in the throat, and I guess a chopstick does look scary in his tiny hands, but he chews on long things all the time and is fine, so I usually let it go.  He ate a tiny bit there, like some shrimp and dumpling wrappers and a mushroom, but mostly just liked looking around at the crowd and noise.  Afterwards we had to wait forever for the T, and Oliver started to get a little impatient, but mostly he was so well-behaved and loved riding on the train.

On Tuesday, we had a quiet day and only left the house to go the library, one of Oliver's favorite places to visit.  He doesn't sit through many books, but he loves turning the pages and playing with the book on his own, so maybe we will get there eventually.  He also loves standing on the little window seats in the children's section and walking around and watching the children play.  The library has been really busy all summer; he loves that there are always kid on the playground outside, too, to watch while he swings.  Wednesday was my sister's last day, so we had Indian food and I tried to help her pack.  She hates packing.  I did my best to show her how Oliver can take steps on his own, because she hadn't seen it before, and we spent a long time playing on the floor with him and watching him teeter around.

On Thursday, I took Oliver on a 2,5 hour walk, because he fell asleep in the stroller and I wanted to let the nap continue.  On Friday, Oliver and I visited my aunt in the hospital, where we were able to go on a long walk and then sit and watch Oliver push his stroller around.  He was thrilled with that.  He also got lots of attention from patients and doctors alike, so he was happy.

On Saturday, we had dinner with friends in the evening and enjoyed talking about books and cultural differences and religion and learned about our friend's favorite writer, Ghassan Kanafani.  Today we had a quiet day, made cookies and visited Sam's parents for dinner.  Even though this summer has been really fun, I am not a hot weather person, and I'm really excited for cold days and fall walks and bright leaves.  I mean, isn't autumn just indisputably the best season?


  1. I miss long stroller naps. They just do not happen anymore!! August did seem to go by incredibly fast, didn't it? I think because I kept waiting for summer to happen. Never really got going though.

    Gorgeous photos.

    Popping over from #TWTWC

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xxxxx

  2. I think the whole year has flown by! But with very little summer, it is feeling really autumnal outside. Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing with #TWTWC x