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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

first haircut

Oliver's hair was starting to fall into his eyes constantly.  I would sweep it away, but it was pretty obvious: he needed a haircut.  Various people have suggested cutting his hair multiple times, since he was much smaller and his newborn hair fell out, leaving a strange lock of dark hair in the back.  But little babies are allowed to have funny looking hair, and I couldn't bring myself to buzz it all off.  But it's true, it recently had reached a point where it was always in his eyes and sticking out over his ears and in the back was getting long enough that several people thought he was a girl.


So on Monday, I strapped him into his highchair, handed him a spoon to play with, and did my best to give him a little trim.  I quickly learned that a spoon was not nearly enough incentive to hold still; he kept twisting around to look at the scissors, or try to grab them.  I ended up having my sister do her best to entertain him, and I handed him Cheerios one at a time to play with.  I didn't want to mix food and hair, but whatever.  It worked.


I ended up fixing it again an hour or so later (after I took these pictures), because it was pretty uneven in the front (that hardest place to cut because he would notice me and look up at me as I tried to hold his hair).  But after another attempt, it now looks much better.  And also maybe makes him look slightly older, more like a little toddler boy than a baby, but that could just be the fact that he's getting pretty close to being a year old.  His hair grew in so quickly these past few months, I'm pretty sure I have a lot of little boy haircuts in my future.  

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