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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

a world with octobers

I know that every single person seems to love fall, and it gets a little boring to constantly hear about it, but some falls are just beautiful and this is one of them.  The trees are perfect right now, with so many bright colors that when the sun hits them, they look like they're on fire.  Some trees had leaves that turned earlier than others, so the ground is also coated with bright leaves and everything just looks like some kind of advertisement for fall in New England.

We're taking full advantage of the weather, which is mostly perfect.  Chilly mornings and evenings, but it can get up into the 70s during the day sometimes.  Oliver and I have taken what feels like a hundred walks, often stopped to play at the park or collect leaves.  On Monday, since Sam had the day off, we spent a while doing all of Oliver's favorite things at the playground, and letting him explore.  He loves swings and anything that lets him bounce, but he seems to hate slides.

I love the bright, sunny days and the grey, rainy ones, but the sunny ones are better for Oliver, because right now he loves going outside.  If he sees or hears someone open the door, he does he best to race after them, in hopes that they'll let him come along outside, too.  And he does this excited whole-body jump or wriggle when you're holding him and you bring him outside.  It's just so fun to watch him discover the world.  He has very definite opinions about where he wants to go, at all times, and right now we love seeing what interests him.  

I love the way the sidewalks look all covered in crunchy leaves, and so when Oliver was getting restless in his stroller yesterday, I took him out and let him walk around in a pile of leaves while I tried to pick out some pretty ones to bring home.  We're going to try making window decorations out of them, something my mom used to do when I was little, so that you can save the colors of fall and look at them all year round.

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