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Monday, November 26, 2012

dealing with stress

There are some stressful, silly things going on right now.  And really no way for me to fix them or do anything about it, except wait.  Ugh, isn't waiting just the worst?  I actually (obviously) can't get it out of my mind, which is the only reason I'm writing this.  I know it's annoying for other people to read, but for me, it helps a little just to write down how frustrated and annoyed I am.  And also ask...how do you deal with stress?  What should I do to take my mind off it?  It's even more annoying because just about everyone we know will ask us for updates -- how's it going or well, what are you going to do if it doesn't work out and all I want is to stop thinking about it, just for a little while.

(Especially because, as I like to remind myself, it isn't a HUGE deal.  We'll just miss out on time with our family and waste plane tickets back to America, but we'll be okay in the end.) 


So, here are three little things making me happy right now:

-- rain.  oh, rain!  I know everyone else hates it, but I love waking up to loud wind or huge raindrops on our windows. 

-- reading.  this is basically my go-to solution for dealing with stress.  Oh, something is bothering me?  Well, I just won't think about it by immersing myself in a book! 

-- cleaning.  fine, this isn't that happy.  But I love the feeling when cleaning is done, the counters are wiped down, the trash has been taken out, and even your floors are swept.

So there's that.  Now I'm going to go work and read and try not to think about these stressful things.   

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