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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Social

Name four jobs you've had in your life

1. Nanny (twice)
2. Waitress - for a Bangladeshi restaurant during university.  It was interesting. 
3. Tutor - in London.  There are some crazy parents there, but I loved it. 
4. Freelancer - it's hard to find work here.  Freelancing is ridiculous, but when I'm actually writing something I enjoy, it's nice.

Name four movies you would watch over and over.

1. Lord of the Rings - yes, I'm really nerdy.  I love these movies. 
2. Love, Actually - well, it is Christmas.  This is the best holiday movie!  I really like it. 
3. The Holiday - since, fine, Christmas-y things are on my mind. 
4. Scott Pilgrim vs the World - again, dorky.  Oh well.  This movie is fun. 

Name four places you have lived.

1. Boston
2. Scotland
3. London
4. South-east England

Name your four favorite foods

1. Curry...basically any kind.  It's the best! 
2. Chocolate-chip cookies.  Particularly if they have oatmeal in them.
3. Crepes.  I love these so much!  I make them all the time. 
4. Bagels.  Especially sesame seed bagels, toasted.

Name four things you always carry with you

1. A book. Because you never know when you're going to get the chance to read for a while. 
2. My phone.  Because, obviously. 
3. Mascara.  Because I'll probably want to re-do mine sometime in the day. 
4. My keys. Okay, boring, but seriously.  I am so paranoid about locking myself out.  (We did it once in London - never again!) I have to check like three times that they're really in my bag.

Name four places you have been on vacation

1. Ireland - well, obviously, I love it. 
2. Loire valley - we stayed in the creepiest, grossest house, but the Loire valley was gorgeous.  Seriously, those chateaus?  Breathtaking. 
3. Toronto - I went with my brother before he started university here.  It's a great city! 
4. Avignon (and other places in the south of France) - it was hot.  We went to the beach a lot and the water was perfect.


  1. Currently sitting on my computer blogging while LOTR is on in the background. I'm proud of the nerdiness!

    New Follower :)

  2. Ha, excellent :) I'm proud of it, too, because LotR is just the best.

  3. what interesting travels you have had...good for you!
    my kids watch Lord of the Rings over and over...
    I am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.
    btw...chocolat chip cookies are in the oven now....with extra chips!