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Thursday, November 29, 2012

three little things...

...about my day.

- I made lasagna for dinner, and, boy, that kind of meal basically takes all day. Well, okay, not the lasagna itself but the sauce, since I make that from scratch. There is a lot of simmering out liquids involved in making the perfect sauce, but I think I finally have it down. My husband kept complimenting me on it, so you know it's a keeper.

- I went to the library and got out two books, one by Pat Barker and one by P.D. James. Basically two of my favorites right there, historical fiction and mysteries. I love English mystery books, especially ones by Agatha Christie. And have you read the Regeneration series? So good. I hope this book by Barker is as enjoyable.

- I also went to a wholesale store, looking for supplies for our ward Christmas party. Um, who put us in charge of that? Seriously, Sam and I are the worst at parties. I hope people have sufficiently low expectations.

So...any party planning tips from people better at this than I am? Any books I should be reading?

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