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Monday, December 3, 2012

oh, so it's monday. already.

We had one of those crazy short and busy weekends. And now somehow it is Monday? And December? And my husband's semester is winding down, so yes, finals and papers and projects. Oh, yeah, there is all that.

I like December a whole lot, but right now, as we hope for visas to arrive so we can go home for Christmas, things are a bit stressful. My computer is dead. We need to go grocery shopping, since we have a whole lot of stuff to buy, like bread and milk and chicken. You know, the basics. Oh, and there's the ward Christmas party we are in charge of this Friday. I need to make some dinner foods, sort out our decorations, and wonder who will play the piano while we sing carols. And make several batches of sugar cookies to decorate.

BUT, I love sugar cookies. They always make me feel festive, since I pretty much only make them for Christmas. And decorating is pretty fun when you don't want to decorate your own flat since you're still hoping to go home for the holidays.

So overall, yup, I am glad it's December. Can't wait for Christmas!

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