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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Yeah, voting is seriously important.  I am pretty sure most people realize that, but still, the US has a terrible voting record.  Don't forget, there's more than just the presidential election going on.  Your state might have other stuff on the ballot- so it's important to do your research and then follow through.  I'm proud of myself this year for being organized enough to get my ballot (and my husband's!) with enough time to go through with absentee voting. So, yes, I've voted, now go make sure you do, too.

Sam and I will be doing our best to follow election updates, but I'm guessing we'll also go to sleep before we really know for sure.  Either way, voting is fun, even when you e-mail in your ballot and lose your right to anonymity.

Oh, and isn't November just the best month?  I love it.  That picture is from last November, in London.  Such a beautiful skyline.  I miss it. 

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