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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

loving fall

Well, my husband stayed up til around 4 am (UK time) watching election results come in. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but there, now it's over. By tomorrow, can FB and other social media be back to normal? I much prefer weird little pictures and comments to negativity and hate about political candidates.

Yesterday, Sam came home from school and promptly fell asleep. I guess it can be tiring, studying all day, especially intensive things like performing arts. (He doesn't really study performing arts, but it is one of the skills he's practicing as an OT student.) It's hard to blame him- the sun does set around 4:30, so by 5 it basically feels like night-time. I actually love that about this time of year. Dark, early nights, hot meals, cozy houses. I know that by February I'll be sick of it, but in the lead up to Christmas, this weather is perfect. I really love looking out the window and realizing it feels like it's time for bed, even though it's still early. There's just something about going home in the dark, and then staying in, that I really love.

That's why autumn is perfect, I guess. Crisp air, brittle leaves, rainy days...you get to wear all your layers and snuggle in lots of blankets at night, and you look forward to snow...but all the wet, freezing weather of January and February hasn't happened yet.

I love the way the light falls in late afternoon here! Seriously, this is the best month.


  1. Beautiful pictures. New follower.

  2. Hey Rachel,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am SO JEALOUS that you live in England. It is seriously one of my favorite places in the world :)

    Everyday with Hazel Mae

  3. Pretty photos... following you now. :)


  4. The pictures are very pretty, especially the one along the water.

  5. Hi Rachel. How very lucky of me to get to follow you! You live in England and take photos for all of us to see! Love it!

    Thanks for stopping by and following.

    BTW You can decorate your walls with tape as well. You can metal leaf, spray paint, rub-n-buff it, or whatever you like and then put it up on your wall in whatever design you like. If you look on my blog you can see where I did a trellis type design on the mantel and rub-n-buffed the tape gold. It's very handy and it holds up well! Perfect for renters who can't use stencils and paint.

    1. thanks! I'm excited that I might actually be able to do some decorating, I'll check out the things you have!

  6. OMG these pictures are gorgeous! Wish I was there!!! Following you back via GFC. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful pics :) I live in Trinidad, so we don't experience Fall, however, when I lived in England it was my favourite season.