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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

right now

What are your favorite weekend activities?  I've realized that for the most part, I'm pretty happy at home.  So even though we might have the time to go out and do things, both the fact that we live in a small town (what is there to do? we find ourselves wondering on Friday nights) and our natural inclination means that we spend quite a bit of time at home, reading or playing games or cooking.

This weekend was pretty much the same.  Saturday meant a trip to the library, a little walk along the rainy seaside, and then a quiet afternoon at home, watching the rain and eating leftover lasagne. I did manage to leave the house to meet up with a friend for a ridiculously thick and decadent hot chocolate.  It was like drinking melted chocolate (pretty sure that's exactly what it was), covered in cream and marshmallows and chocolate shavings.  Delicious,  but it left me thirsty.  We wandered through shops and I contemplated doing some Christmas shopping, but I always find myself unwilling to actually purchase things.  I'll make lists and decide that I should buy something, but once I'm there, I think, well, maybe I don't need this just yet.  I can always come back.  Does anyone else do this or am I crazy?  And what are you favorite things to do on the weekend- go out or stay in? 


  1. I love staying inside also, my favorite days off are the ones I can spend with a blanket and wearing PJs :)

  2. Haha,that is just like me! I love days like that :-)

  3. thank you! lovely blog! definitely following! :D