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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

about my husband

He likes to play the drums. He'll also play the piano, especially in church. He even played for the primary program (and the two kids who are in our ward) and somehow got through it, so hey, he must be talented.

His favorite game is boggle. He is an expert at finding words. Especially words I didn't know existed. It's actually a little fun.

He either warms up his clothes in bed in the morning, or blows into them to make them warmer. Ha. I guess this is because every time he asks if we can put the heating on, I say "no". Because I am so mean. But fine, it might actually be time to turn those radiators on.

Right now, he is making himself French toast as a snack. He likes it with just egg, nothing else. Weird, right?

Oh, and he took all these photos of himself with my phone for me to find later on. He's pretty special.

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  1. my husband plays piano and drums as well :) when sign ups went around in relief society i secretly volunteered him for a musical number and he played violin in sacrament this month :P yay for talented husbands (although mine has yet to be happy about taking iphone pictures :)