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Saturday, December 15, 2012

my day

Today was a nice, quiet Saturday. My husband and I slept in, then wandered through our town and did some Christmas shopping. Because I am so fun, I made a little list of everything I want to do for Christmas. This afternoon, I may have found the perfect present for him! It is so fun to find something you know will be appreciated.

Notre Dame, Christmas eve, 2011

I also wrapped up my sister's little presents to mail to her. I chose a few extra things, in addition to what she'd asked for, because I like being surprised about my presents. Sam and I were discussing this last night....do you ask for what you want to get, or do you expect to be surprised? I am all for surprises, and thought everyone else was, too, but our friend told us that his wife hates them. Apparently, she used to unwrap her presents while he was out so that she'd know what she was getting! Then she'd wrap them back up, so for several years he had no idea what she was doing!

What about you: do you make a list or want a surprise?

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  1. surprise me! I love the unknown!, found you via a link up, wanted to say hi - come visit, a dayinthelifeofmektt.blogspot.com