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Friday, December 14, 2012

on marriage

So since I have been married, I have learned quite about my husband and marriage in general.

For example... my husband likes to eat in bed. Basically, I have learned that all foods taste better in bed, including juice from the carton. Who knew?

Also, my husband likes to wake up at the very last moment...like, five minutes before he needs to leave. Apparently, getting ready is just a matter of putting clothes on right before leaving. That is all. Showers are best taken at night, you know.

My husband has several things he likes to cook. These include tacos, pancakes, and roast chicken. All his favorite things. Of course, if he can, he'll try to eat these things anywhere but our dining room table.

In other words, marriage is pretty awesome. I wouldn't change it for anything.

1 comment:

  1. hahah this is funny! My husband showers at night too! He has transformed me into a night showerer.. boys are funny!