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Monday, January 28, 2013


INSPIRED BY blank pages.  I really love the look of a white blank page, either on a computer or on real paper.  I love writing, and right now, all I want to do is write.  (Especially on a computer.  I think best as I type-- is that weird, or just a generational thing?  I've spent so much of my life writing on computers, not paper, so it's the easiest thing for me.) 

THINKING ABOUT how I have to go to two funerals in the next two weeks.  January is kinda depressing.  Both of them are for elderly people, which is so much easier than when it's someone young, but a friend's boyfriend just died, too, and that is awful.  

LOVING this weather!  OK, so last week, I was all excited about the snow, but oh, today it is sunny and bright.  I really don't think I've seen the sun for several weeks now, so it was weird to wake up in the morning to light streaming through our windows.  I really don't remember the last time that happened.  (And not just because we wake up before the sun rises, because even in the middle of the day, our house wasn't getting much natural light.  But today it is!)  It does cheer me up to see the sun.  Plus, January is almost over!  I used to think January and February were the longest months, but January actually went kinda fast this year.  I liked that. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO my mom visiting!  She has planned about three trips to see us since this last autumn, when we moved here, and finally one has worked out.  She's flying in for a quick visit this weekend, before going off to Paris for a business trip.  I'm half-worried about it, but mostly looking forward to it, especially because I'm going to spend the day in London with her before she goes on to Paris.

What about you?  I'd love to read any currently posts if you have them...just send me the link! 


  1. Funerals are hard. Life is so short.

  2. Life is way to short!
    We have to make the most of each and everyday!

    Following you back from youngmumsguide!

    Thanks for stopping by.