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Thursday, February 21, 2013


while my mom was visiting, we did a few little day trips, including a trip to Brighton.  I've been wanting to visit there for while, since it is sort-of the closest city to us, and everyone has recommended that we go there for restaurants and shopping.  well, it definitely lived up to its reputation.  it was full of alternative shops, boutiques, and delicious restaurants and cafes.  even the historic sites there are a little bizarre.  for example, there's the Royal Pavillion right near the seafront.  it is one of the weirdest looking buildings i've ever seen, and since we were only there for the day we opted not to go inside.  it was built by george IV (when he was prince regent) and... i don't even know, it had a weird combination of styles and aesthetics.  i took a few pictures as we walked around the outside.  it's in the pavilion gardens, which were lovely even in february.  i'd love to go back in the summer.  we quickly visited the brighton museum, also a bit weird.  that george IV, i tell you. 

after experiencing that, we wandered through the lanes, which are famous for cool, independent shops.  it was worth a trip just for that, because our little town has very few non-high street stores.  it was freezing, so we got hot chocolate to sip as we wandered.  i again took a few pictures, but not nearly as many as i should have.  the best part was the north laine, a place i'm definitely going to visit again.  in one of the shops, i bought two cream-colored bowls that are 'made in england' (and also becuase i love buying bowls... i know, that is weird, my husband thinks so, too).  (but he once bought me a lovely yellow one, since he knows me so well). 

after that, we went to the pier and walked along the beach, watching the sun set.  (as evidenced by the pictures i posted yesterday).  the pier is... well, a british pier.  amusement rides, games, and lots of places to buy chips.  no surprises there, but my mom enjoyed walking through it, since she has almost no experience with this part of england. 

after that, we tried our best to find somewhere to eat, and ended up getting asian-esque food.  it was delicious.  and now i'll definitely be visiting again.

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