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Monday, February 25, 2013


Oh, weekends are the best. Ours was particularly awesome this week, and it's a bit disappointing that it's Monday already. Really, time goes so quickly now...and that makes me sound old. So, the highlights included...

- Scotland beat Ireland at rugby! Ah, Scotland, my favorite. I lived there for four years, so I like to see them win. My husband isn't entirely sold on rugby yet and this match didn't help, but still...yay for Scotland!

- date time with my husband. We played games and then watched 'Dial M for Murder', which was great. I love Alfred Hitchcock and Grace Kelly.

- tickets to America. Yes, we are officially going home in March for a visit. I can't wait.

So February is drawing to a close and spring is almost here, right? It keeps snowing though, so come on, England... this isn't like you! In any case, today is dreary and wet, but there's plenty to look forward to so who cares about that?

How was your weekend?

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