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Sunday, February 17, 2013

sunday love

Oh this week...it has been fun, actually. My husband finished his work placements! That's pretty exciting, because... no more 7-7 days, no more spending £19.50 a week on bus passes, no more coming home smelling of cigarette smoke (thanks to his clients) and also... No more working with the NHS! Oh, and the best news is that he passed. So, that's over, finally.

Valentine's day was pretty low-key. We dressed up and went out for dinner, a major rarity for us. It was fun, especially our dinner conversation about Tolstoy and Richard Russo. It doesn't get better than that (well, that and leftovers for dinner the next day). Plus, we went out for Indian food, my favorite.

Yesterday, we went on a long walk and wandered through several shops. We ended up buying a poker set, and Sam spent the afternoon teaching me to play Texas Hold 'Em. Is that right? Pretend it is, anyway. It was fun, actually, and we're going to get good. We decided. Just as soon as I figure out what hands make good combinations. (I may have had a cheat sheet yesterday.)

So anyway, a good week, overall. Our life is pretty great right now.

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