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Thursday, February 14, 2013

views from the train

I actually really love taking the train.  I don't know why, exactly, except that it's so much easier than flying (or driving), and usually pretty convienent.  And I can keep myself entertained for a while, taking pictures out of the window.  A lot of them turn out blurry, but sometimes the countryside is just so gorgeous that I need to try.  I guess that's another thing I love about trains: you get beautiful views of places you wouldn't see otherwise, and you don't have to focus on driving, so you can admire them all you want.  So here, pictures I've taken riding the train from London: 


  1. No lie: taking a long train ride is 100% on my bucket list. So relaxing and peaceful compared to the stress of dying in a plane crash or driving 5 hours!

  2. Hi

    stopping by from the Aloha blog hop :) nice to see another british blog there!

    I love taking the train (as I'm frightened of flying!)and you're right you see much more of the world than you would in the car!

    Your photos are lovely, looking forward to seeing more :)

    Shel @ Sweet Petite