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Sunday, March 24, 2013


I really cannot believe how quickly March is going. This weekend is Easter? What? And then it's April? I'm almost positive it's still 2012 in my head. But I've been getting more and more fond of spring as I get older (I used to love winter more than anything, and I still do, but there's something nice about warm weather and fresh plants and all that), especially as spring is by far my husband's favorite season. So what am I doing as we near the end of March? 

Loving all this gorgeous spring weather! Just kidding, we're still in freezing temperatures with threats of more snow tonight. So really, I've been enjoying the time we get to spend with family members we never see, like my sister-in-law. Oh, and also definitely still loving my new haircut. It's so much easier! 

Reading anything I find lying around my sister-in-law's house. So yesterday, it was some Diana Wynne Jones. She's actually one of my favorites...and always good for lightweight, happy escapism. 

Watching basketball and other sports on TV, because we don't have one of those but my husband enjoys his sporting events. We stumbled upon a World Cup qualifying match, USA vs Costa Rica, played out in Colorado in a ridiculous snowstorm. It was kinda funny. But also looked so cold. 

Listening to pretty much nothing as of late. Any music suggestions? I like just about everything. 

Looking forward to an end to our current state of anxiety. It can't last forever, or so I tell myself almost constantly. I'm also looking forward to April and General Conference (and if you have no idea what I'm taking about, find out here). 


  1. I can't believe it's already spring either!!! Where has the time gone......


  2. I'm a warm weather girl, all the way! I can't quite understand the idea of actually loving winter!