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Sunday, March 31, 2013

happy weekend // happy easter

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. At least, that's how I feel right now. Celebrations of rebirth and spring and love? That's how I think of Easter. To make our holiday extra special, we get to spend it with my husband's family. Since moving to England, we mostly do holidays on our own, so it was fun to see other people's traditions and celebrations. For example, his family likes to make Ukranian easter eggs, called Pysanka, which look like this:

(Ours didn't quite look like this, because we're not this artistic. Especially me. I found this picture here.) 

You make these eggs with special wax, and dye, and then then melting the wax off to see the layers and patterns you created. It's pretty fun, actually. I recommend it for anyone who thinks just dying eggs is a bit boring. You can see more about what this is by going here

In my family, we did the basic baskets, candy, egg hunts, and sometimes even attempts at matching outfits. (Once, that I can think of.)  Sam and I don't really have traditions thought out for our family. Maybe next year! For now, happy Easter for everyone who celebrates it, and I hope everyone else is having a great weekend. 

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