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Friday, March 29, 2013

scenes from a marriage: sports fan

us, Loire valley, July 2012

I always knew my husband liked baseball. When we first dated, I was given regular updates on the state of the Red Sox, even as he gradually became aware of the fact that I didn't really care. Once we moved to England, he was converted to football (or soccer, I'd you prefer), perhaps a result of living next door to Arsenal's stadium. Last summer, we got pretty invested in the Euro cup, cheering England on at our local pub that gave away free burgers during every one of England's matches.

But while we were in the US, with regular access to a TV and some free time to spend in front of it, I realized...my husband actually likes all sports. (Just about.) We've watched World Cup qualifying matches, hockey, baseball (spring training!), and March Madness basketball. And I am using that "we" very generally, as the most I tend to do is read next to him, only looking up when prompted.

This is a bit weird to me. Who knew he could get so invested in a team he's never shown any interest in before? Where does this surge of patriotism come from, manifesting itself so suddenly as he watches the US team battle Mexico in a qualifying match? I mean, qualifying? It isn't even 2014 yet! And why does he think I am as interested as he is? "Oh, Rachel, watch this replay! This shot is awesome!" he'll say, and then I make the mistake of thinking I can respond and say something ("wow, look at that!"), only to be shushed, because he needs quiet to concentrate. On a replay? It is mystifying, I tell you. And why does he think I want to be woken up at 1 am to be told the score to a qualifying game? "They tied!" Uhhh.... Okay?

You'd think he'd have picked up on the fact that I'm genuinely baffled at his new-found interest, not to mention completely uninterested in the end score. But apparently that really never occurs to him. So I am left with the realization that I married a sports fan, and I don't even mind.

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