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Saturday, April 20, 2013

happy weekend

Oh this week has been long and weird. We started on Boston, ended in England. And I am happy to be here, back to our real life after a long vacation. My husband starts a work placement on Monday, so today is his last day off. Right now, he's working on a puzzle and listening to music. This morning, he said, "I think we should make Saturday morning pancakes our new tradition," and I agreed. He had them waiting for me when I got back from running. (They were delicious.) Today is sunny and bright and perfect...not too hot, not too windy.

Have a lovely weekend! Ah, today has been so great. And I am so excites about spring and summer and that we're finally sorting things out. It's such a relief to have visas, and I hope things continue to (sort-of) work out. (It's a bit of a joke how things have all gone wrong at every step for us....because if I'm not going to find it funny, well, it would be super depressing.)

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