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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I really have a love/hate relationship with traveling.  I know, maybe that sounds lame, because everyone loves traveling, but seriously, plane rides are kind-of the worst.  I don't mind them so much once I'm on the plane, but getting to an airport hours early, waiting around to finally board, having flights delayed or cancelled, going through customs... I hate all these things.  Plus I really hate wandering through cities dragging my suitcase behind me.  And I just like to be home. 

But aside from all those things, traveling is fun.  I love taking the train, and I love train stations.  I like packing suitcases and arriving somewhere and exploring it for the first time.  I like looking for fun restaurants and lying on the beach and visiting museums.  Since Sam will have August off, I'm trying to decide where we should visit, if we go anywhere.  (We really don't have a lot of money.)  On the one hand, I'd love him to visit Scotland.  It's one of my favorite places, it would be fun to show him where I lived for four years, and it feels like home.  On the other hand, I've seen Scotland, lots, and so would it feel like a waste to visit there again?  There are so many places I've never been I'd like to visit- Cornwall or Norfolk or Wales.  (None of my British friends ever wanted to go to Wales with me, because they like to hate on it, but I don't care... I'd love to visit.)  I think I could maybe plan a pretty inexpensive trip if we just stayed in the UK, and we'd have fun.  So any suggestions for beautiful places we need to see?  Or somewhere not too expensive? 

(If I could go anywhere right now, without considering money, it would either be Sweden or Iceland.  I'm trying to find a way that we could move to Reykjavik or Stockholm someday. So that picture is from Iceland.)  (But for now, the UK is great.) 


  1. I actually love to go somewhere intersesting
    but, I feel nausea at times since I slightly get carsick

    I'm glad if you visit my blog

  2. Hi, I'm a co-host on THE Bloglovin' Collective and I'm followeing you with pleasure :)


  3. If you go somewhere and enjoy it, it's not a waste. The train ride from London to Dundee was the most beautiful thing I think I have ever experienced.

    And Scottish people? The friendlies you'll find anywhere. Love that place!

  4. Hi, I'm popping by from the Expat Diaries link up and saying hello!

    I'm British and lived in the UK for my whole life until last year, and I don't think I ever visited Wales.

    I've been to lots of European cities, and one of the cheapest places to visit (especially with interrail tickets) is Slovakia. I've been there twice, one just to visit Bratislava, and the second time I took my now husband and we traveled the length of the country and back again. It's an interesting country and often overlooked by tourists.

  5. Hi! I really like your blog!
    This post just really spoke to me! I am the same, I LOVE travelling, I love packing and getting there, the happiness of arriving, etc. But I hate the hassle sometimes of the actual 'travelling' time, the bus/trains/planes/donkey/car I have to take to get somewhere.

    So I realise you probably already went on your trip as this post dates from about a year ago haha, but as an expat in Scotland I just wanted to say I don't think it's ever a waste to go back to visit. There is so much to see! Apparently the borders area is amazing to visit! and there are always the islands, like Mull among others. :)

    Also hope you ended up visiting Wales! it is so true that Brits don't seem that enthusiastic about visiting Wales - the Brits I know have maybe gone to Cardiff but that's it. Interesting discovery i think :)