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Monday, April 29, 2013

over the weekend

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This south coast place is really starting to live up to its reputation as the sunshine coast. Even Friday, which started out rainy and foggy, burst into sun by midday. (Then back to rain. Then sun. Then rain....sometimes the weather is a bit confused.) On Friday, Samuel and I walked down to his campus so he could meet with his adviser and also show the registry department his visa. Except they were closed. At 2pm on a Friday! Oh, Britain, you are so frustrating. Sam is on a work placement now, full time--- he left early on Friday specifically to do this-- so when exactly is he supposed to stop by?

But aside from that, it was actually nice to walk to and from campus together.  Sam never wants to take as many walks as I do, so having it forced on him by his adviser means it wasn't at my insistence.  Ha.  I have learned that for Sam, the best walks are ones that end with food.  A few weeks before our trip back to Boston, we went for a long walk along the seafront which ended with a spur-of-the-moment fish and chips dinner (the British seaside staple).  There's a place right on the main road in front of the pier that advertises their famous fish and chips, and since it was March, they were having an offer of 2-for-1 meals.  (Our favorite times to go out always seem to coincide with getting some sort of deal.)  So, the food wasn't the best (we're still discussing why) (and how a fish and chip place can serve such bad chips) and I may have difficulty convincing Sam that this can be a delicious meal we should try again in the future, but it was still really fun.  (Too bad we're poor and I can't motivate daily walks by suggesting we go out to eat after every one.)

So now it's Monday and Sam's working again.  Six more weeks on this placement!  Then one more module and he's finished the first year of his course.  Time is going pretty quickly. (Ugh, I say that all the time, but it's still true.) 

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