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Monday, May 20, 2013

and then it's Monday...

Our weekend felt kind of long and dreary.  Friday was nice...we got to celebrate my husband's birthday with pizza and ice cream and presents.  Because that's what birthdays are for.  Then we had a rainy weekend, full of sickness and church.  Yesterday was nice for a few hours, and we went for a long walk and admired all the sudden flowers and green leaves that have appeared over the last week.  I'd say we've basically moved from spring to summer, and I love it, because it's not too hot.  I really hate hot weather. 

Tonight we're going out for birthday celebrations with some friends, and I've been enjoying the rain.  I would so much rather have cold, rainy weather than hot, humid weather.  We're making our summer plans, too.  Sam has August off, and we might go somewhere then.  In July, my sister might come visit for a little bit.  We like having her around, so I'm hoping it works out.  Plus, I might get to travel somewhere with her while Sam is still stuck in class.  Anyway, Mondays aren't the best, and I'm looking forward to the end of the week and Sam's sister's wedding! Plus I'll get to visit with a few of my friends afterwards.   

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