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Monday, May 13, 2013


Loving: having my computer back!  It broke sometime in November, and we finally bought a new hard drive for it,  and now it is almost as good as new.  OK, not quite, and it still needs a new battery, but I can use it again!  And that's all I really need in a computer. 

Reading: right now, I'm reading Toby's Room by Pat Barker, and it's pretty good.  Over the weekend, I read the Godfather and secretly kind of loved it.  My husband has been telling me to read it for months, so I'm sure he felt vindicated. 

Watching: well, it's May, so a lot of television series are drawing to a close and we might start watching them, because we hate watching things on a weekly basis...nope, it's so much better to watch an entire season in one go.  Ha. 

Thinking about: this summer.  In August, a board is going to meet and they'll decide whether my husband has to re-do this year, or if they'll accept his mitigating circumstances form (he missed too much of his last module)... so we need to get everything together to submit on his form, and explain why he missed so many classes.  (We were in the US, getting visas.) 

Looking forward to: hopefully, having his form accepted this summer (and seriously, I will be thrilled if that happens and we never have to deal with this ever again) but right now, I'm looking forward to this weekend, when we get to celebrate my husband's birthday.

Making me happy: my sister-in-law is getting married two weeks from tomorrow!  I really love attending other people's weddings.  They're fun. 

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