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Friday, May 10, 2013


Yesterday was pretty weird.  Maybe because it was a Thursday.  When I was little, my school had a half-day every Thursday.  (Why, yes, I did go to a hippie school without grades and where we called our teachers by their first names.)  Sometimes I still think of Thursdays as 'half a day' because it always felt that way growing up.

First of all, I went to a church activity.  I do my best to avoid church activities, because I almost never enjoy them, but I was asked to bring food, so I went.  (And brought food.)  At one point, as I was standing up and picking up some trash to help clean up, this one woman grabbed me and put her arms around me.  Then she started rubbing my stomach with one hand, asking, "so, when are you going to have a little one?  We need more little ones around here!"  It was so weird.  I've never had someone do that to me.  It was not nice.  Also, I know lots of people have funny stories about the inappropriate things people have said to them about marriage or babies, but I don't have many.  Yes, people ask when we'll have babies, but never feel the need to caress me while doing so.  Like I said, it was weird.

Later that night (or I guess technically this morning -- it was 12:30 am), I woke up because someone was ringing our door bell.  We have a shared entry with one other flat, so I assumed it was either a drunk or lost person ringing the wrong bell.  Then it went again.  I heard someone yell something a minute later, but I couldn't understand what they said.  I was trying to find keys and my shoes so I could go to the door.  (And answering the door at 12:30 in the morning kind-of scares me.  I know that's pathetic, but it does.  Seriously, who could possibly be there?)  (But my husband kept saying, "go see who that is" because I was already up, so...thanks...I guess it's all on me.) 

Then I heard someone yell out our flat number.  Clearly trying to get our attention.  I walked down the flight of stairs that leads to our door, and saw that our door was open!  (As in, our door.  Not the other shared door leading to the building.  No, this was the door that only we have keys to.)  My neighbor was standing in front of it, looking concerned.  "Oh, good, you're okay!  I wanted to make sure everything was all right, because I saw the door was open."  Of course, I thanked him, apologized for taking so long, shut the door, and went back to bed to yell at my husband.

(Because our door doesn't close automatically...you need to hold the lock and turn it to pull it firmly shut and that's the only way to properly close it.  Apparently my husband doesn't know that, and left it open when he came home that evening, and my neighbor -- coming home at 12:30 -- saw it and worried.)

Of course I am so glad our neighbor is looking out for us, but it was a bit unsettling.  (I may have had to go check the door was actually closed another time before I could fall asleep.)  And now I'll have to double-check my husband's abilities to close our door every time he uses it.  But now it's Friday and I get to enjoy the weekend, so maybe I'll just let the door thing go.  And the stomach rubbing thing, too, even though maybe not, because seriously...it was weird. 

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