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Monday, June 24, 2013


Loving June, and all this summertime stuff.  Like ice cream and beaches (even in the chilly weather).  I've also been loving all the table tennis playing Sam and I have been doing.  It's great.

Reading JK Rowling's book The Casual Vacancy.  I know, I'm so behind.  I loved it, which may not be everybody's opinion, but it's a good read.  Especially if you're familiar with England.  I kept reading parts out loud to my husband because they were so spot-on.  It was one of those books I was sad to finish.

Listening to 'Of Monsters and Men'.  I love them.  They're my new favorite music for running.  Sam has been finding music for a church event this Friday (because he was asked to) so we've been listening to lots of summer music in order to find the right 'beach' mix.  (We're so bad at this stuff.)

Watching TV from the last year.  Like 'How I Met Your Mother'.  Seriously, I can't believe that show is still going.  But some of it is good. 

Looking forward to this weekend, when my mom and my sister arrive for a quick visit.  They'll spend a few days with us and then I'm going to join them on a trip to the Cotswalds and London.  I'm so excited.  I'm also excited just to have a car for a bit, because I'm really sick of the bus.

So there's that.  June has been pretty great, and hopefully the rest of the summer is, too.

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