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Saturday, June 8, 2013

enjoy it

There are plenty of good things about this weekend.  My husband just finished up a work placement, which he loved, but it's always nice to be moving forward.  Plus, the placement coordinator wrote a rave review of him, which was fun to read.  It's also almost perfect outside, and I am really loving June by the seaside.  I mean, look at that sky!  Our town isn't too crowded yet (though I'm positive that by next month, it will be) and the sea is really gorgeous today.  It actually makes me like summer!  Plus, it's not nearly as hot and humid as it was last week in Boston, so this weather feels even better. 

Tonight,  Samuel and I were asked to give a little presentation on American culture.  We're both pretty stuck for ideas.  We both wish we could call in sick just to get out of it, but we still have a few hours to think of something.  We're the worst at this kind of stuff, and really, American culture?  Where do you even begin?  I keep telling Sam to just talk about baseball.  

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