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Monday, June 10, 2013


Well, it's Monday, and I'm glad about that.  The weekend ended up being pretty fun, though.  My husband caught up on several Red Sox games (one of the downsides to life in Britain... we're usually asleep when the games start), I read a lot, and we went on a few walks.  Seriously, this weather is so nice.

Loving that my husband is done with work placements and is back on a class schedule.  That means he has Mondays free, for one thing!  And no more buying stupid bus passes.

Reading Life After Life by Kate Atkinson.  Have I mentioned how I love her?  I was so excited to see she had a new book out, and it lives up to just about all my expectations.  It combines my favorite things: books about WWII and books by Kate Atkinson.  It's a bit weird, but mostly fascinating.  I really like the way she describes family dynamics, especially the relationship between Pamela and Ursula.  I also like how each 'iteration' of the story gives you new insight into their family, particularly Sylvie and Hugh. 

Thinking about summer plans.  My sister might come for a visit, and I'm trying to decide the best place to go stay for a few days (without my husband, who'll be in class until August).  Yesterday, several friends recommended: Devon, the New Forest, or the Cotswalds.  I really just want to sit on a sandy beach somewhere, or maybe go tramping through the countryside.  I like being outdoors so very much. 

Making me happy ... I can actually think of so many things right now.  This perfect weather, how it stays late past 9 pm, the books I've been reading, that our little talk about the US went well on Saturday (and that it's over!  I really dread public speaking), and the cookies we made this weekend. 

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