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Monday, June 3, 2013

summer weekend

Last Friday, I visited the MFA with my mom.  It's one of my favorite art museums, and we had a lot of fun there.  My mom is actually one of my favorite people to visit museums with, so I was really happy she took the day off so we could spend some extra time together before I fly back to England.  We found on-street parking outside the MFA, kind of miraculous, and of course, had absolutely no change to put into the meter.  Especially a meter that only took quarters.  So we spend a good fifteen minutes trying to find a store or somewhere to give us change.  Eventually, we found a pizza place, bought a slice of cheese pizza, and asked for only quarters in change.  Lots of quarters.  In fact, here is two extra dollars, can you change those for quarters?  (They did.)  

It was definitely worth it, because we spent a lovely morning (in air conditioning!) looking at some of our old favorites, seeing some new exhibits (like the Samurai one, and some Michelangelo drawings).  On our way out, we stopped at the Japanese garden, where I took the above two pictures. 

 Then on Saturday, after my sister took the SATs (again....how is she so old?  She is driving and getting ready for college....seriously?) we went to her cello recital.  I haven't been to one of hers in years, so it was nice.  Especially because she has grown up, and her teacher seemed to only have talented, or at least well-practiced, students.  All the pieces were beautiful.  It almost made up for the non-air-conditioned room we all sat in, dying of heat exhaustion.  The recital was in Wellesley, MA, in an old house-turned-music-school, and it was all classic Massachusetts.  Brick buildings, tons of trees, hot sunny day.  We showed up early so my sister could rehearse with the pianist, and while we waited, I sat outside in the sun and took some pictures.  It made me realize I'll miss Boston this summer, and I'm a little bit sad to be flying back to England in two days.  Luckily, I also miss my husband, and the perfect weather he keeps telling me about, so I'll be OK.  I'm just glad I got to experience some family summertime this week.  I loved it. 

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