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Friday, May 31, 2013

family time

Last summer, when my husband and I spent several months living in Paris with my parents, my husband asked my father if he intended to treat us like children for the entire time.  (OK, writing that out, it sounds mean, but actually, he meant it like, "you don't have to cook us lunch every day"....which my father did.)  Anyway, mostly my parents do still treat me like a child...I mean, I still am their child.  But I'm also capable of cooking for myself if I'm hungry.  I can even cook for my parents!  Of course, it's always fun to have someone cook for you, and I love visiting my parents for lots of reasons, but partly because it's nice to see my old house and eat their food and sometimes have them buy me something my husband and I can't afford right now.

Plus, I am extra lucky because I actually enjoy staying with Sam's parents, too.  They have two cats, whom we love, and are really easy-going about people visiting them.  No list of projects or "what are you going to do today" nonsense from them!  (As my parents tend to do...always.) 

Anyway, it's partially a bit weird, partially just fun to come visit our families.  (Another reason we're lucky is that our parents only live about 30 minutes away from each other, so we can see both of them in one trip.)  I always find myself dreading a trip before it happens (all the hassle of flying, packing, etc) but then once I'm there, I really enjoy it. 

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