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Sunday, August 11, 2013


So I just wanted to share the exciting news that two of my favorite authors are about to publish new books.  I'm not sure there's anything better than that moment when you see that a new book is going to be released soon.  I can't wait until next month!  (Or maybe the month after that, or whenever I actually get them.)

First of all, there's Expo 58 by Jonathan Coe.  Back in 2006, a friend of mine gave me one of her favorite books as a Christmas present.  It was called The House of Sleep and it was by Jonathan Coe.  It was really weird; I read it on the plane home for Christmas, and was not at all sure if I liked it. Then I found What a Carve Up! and I fell in love.  He is hilarious, clever, and so easy to read.  The Rotters Club and its sequel are books I can (and have) read multiple times, just because they're so well-crafted.  I can't wait for his new book. 

There's also The Lowlands by Jhumpa Lahiri.  I read The Namesake back in high school, and was mostly just astounded at Lahiri's prose.  She makes a regular novel read like poetry.  Everyone should read her.  Her short stories are amazing, too; every single one is perfectly contained, and yet you'd be willing for them to go on forever, because you're so invested.  I'm so excited that she has another novel coming out, and I really can't wait to read it.

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