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Friday, August 30, 2013

slow down

Autumn is my very favorite season, by a long shot.  I basically look forward to it all year long, and yet right now, I'm kind of dreading the end of summer.  The next few weeks will probably still be hot, but as much as I'm looking forward to cool weather and changing leaves and tourists leaving town, I'm wishing each August day would just last forever.  Next week, my husband starts his last year of school (probably ever) and we get back to a routine.  I love the changing of the seasons usually, and right now, I keep alternating between looking forward to those days when it gets dark by 3 pm, and enjoying the right now, with light lingering on until 9 or 10.  With the bright ocean and beaches filled with people and dips in the seaside when the tide is far enough out that I can pretend the beach is made of sand. 

I'm starting to worry about what the next year will bring, all the changes and the moves and decisions.  Let's have things stay the same for just a little longer.  And I'll spend the August evenings reading, because apparently my reaction to stress is just to read all the time.  It's been fun, frequenting the library multiple times a day.  Change is always bittersweet. 

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