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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

begin again

Like lots of people, September feels like a new beginning to me, probably because it was a new beginning for eighteen years of school (or however many it was...) Even still, with my husband still in school, today marked the beginning of what we hope is his last year in school.  September means my sister is off starting her last year of mandatory school (will she really be in university next year?  That makes me feel so old) and my brother is back from his mission and starting university again.  September isn't quite fall; today was hot and humid and foggy, the leaves are still green, and the flowers are gorgeous.

My husband is doing a horticulture class this semester, and he came home asking if I liked plums.  Of course I do.  So this semester will mean fresh plums, fresh herbs, and new skills.  ("I can't wait until we have a garden," he said.  It is a little sad that all we grow is one measly pot of basil on our windowsill.) 

We make plans, but who knows how things will turn out.  Even in the two years we've been married, our life keeps taking different turns...thing we never would have chosen.  Yet here we are, happy, excited, enjoying it all.  (Well, mostly.)  And I think about a year ago, all the stress and chaos and immigration difficulties, and I'm so glad to be here, that brief time where I don't have to worry too much about the future.  Not yet. 

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